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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hell Day

I had a great day today. The local cluster school's cross country was held and it is certainly humbling seeing the 5 yr olds giving it their best - no fear and all grit. I know a number of adults (even under 40) who would not attempt such a challenge. What happens to people as they grow up? If we all had the same drive &' hell for it 'attitude as these littlees then many of us would easily achieve the goals we often dream about.
Another impact today was visiting my new school and interacting with the people I will be leading in the future. I an excited to be with vibrant people and today I had that buzz again - thanks Nat & Cara. But I suppose my recent weekend probably made me more susceptible in engaging these two hell girls - it will be a roller coaster ride next year but bring it on. I feel 40 again - or should I say just like a 5 yr old. There is a message in here - do you get it ? My penny has dropped.......


Rosalie said...

Hi Fletch
So I did see your school advertised in the Gazette? Where are you off to?
In my opinion, the reason that 5 year olds can give it heaps is because they trust you and your team to provide them with a safe environment in which to take risks. If the classroom environment is as safe emotionally and intellectually, they will continue to take risks, supported by new staff learning and the new curriculum. Lets move on from the mantra that the only way forward is that prescribed by national testing

Podgorani said...

Nice fletch, i hope you didnt consider running yourself, not many parents know CPR

Pauline said...

Hi there Dave

yes, those 5 year old really are the reason we are still in the race...and we have so much to learn from them in the ways you describe!! Oh to be 5 again!

Yes my enlighten those of us whose loops are a little extended these days...where are you off to??

Yes..the national testing rort. he is OZ they haven't yet worked out that different states start school at different ages.....all still rolled into the same national test! Interesting variable, but the too hard basket I think!