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Monday, June 14, 2010

Loser or Winner

I was discussing with a group of senior students about the desire to achieve and be a successful learner. It was interesting how some of them found reasons, almost excuses,why they could not reach their true potential.
I shared this little list below with them. I was given this many years ago by a notable rugby coach and academic, I had the pleasure to be associated with in my growing years [Carwyn James].Carwyn was a great thinker and an up front bloke when it came to looking at yourself. He used to say is the problem with you or is it with what you do. If either is the case then you can do something about it!
This is the list and it was framed around being a winner which if you have any inkling of who Carwyn was - he certainly knew what it was to achieve.
Losers procrastinate
Losers see a problem in every answer
Losers make mistakes and live with them
Losers spend time on trivia
Losers grumble about the past
Losers say.. but we’ve always done it this way

Winners make commitments
Winners see an answer in every problem
Winners make mistakes and learn by them
Winners make time for the important tasks
Winners look for opportunity in the future
Winners say... there must be a better way!

So as you see - if you don't achieve then the problem may lie in your attitude.

'Attitude gives aptitude & altitude'

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Podgorani said...

fly-half for Llanelli while still at school
capped for Wales twice in 1958
coach of the 1971 lions
the only Lions side ever to win a series against the All Blacks

a great man