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Monday, November 14, 2011

Yo - has it been that long since I have had the desire / time to pontificate on the matters that be? Just as well because maybe I have kept out of trouble??
I have some positive news!
My tenure at GHS has sadly come to an end. Unfortunately my very good pal JP had nothing to offer for 2012. He needs to build the school for the future and I am sure he has the the best interests for GHS in mind- as he always does.
Anyway .... so I was looking for somewhere where I could continue to enhance my street cred and skills at the frontline  and be in a place where I really wanted to bounce out of bed to be at!
Fate is a wonderful catalyst... it so happens an opportunity came up at this other simply amazing learning environment.. a great school visioned by wonderful minds and determination. Yep - I  will have the privilege to be a teacher at Summerlands Primary next year, So looking forward to it!
This is all in my plan to be the most knowledgeable, up to date, realistic educational leader around. This plan may work or not - cos I am on the grey side of the moon but I am prepared to learn from these wonderful young guns. GHS has given me a kick start already. Ka pai!
I believe I was always a fairly good teacher who somehow became an administrator because nobody else was up to it. Unfortunately in my past that made you a Principal. It was never truly my forte'. I love being directly involved with kids and vibrant educators. Ok- so I have returned to my niche. Thing is it is certainly more demanding being a classroom teacher these days. They are our modern day heroes, if they do it well. Hell.... such a level to step up to. You know... I am buzzzzzzed by the challenge.
It is so good to be positive about our profession.
 It is all about the kids! I will say no more ......
In the meantime ... wow - bring it on!

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