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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Beginnings..

So, we are seeing off the tail end of 2011 and stepping forward into the next year.
The bygone year was certainly a revitalising one for me, personally. It started with a couple of quakes - earth-wise and inner-space wise.
The inner-quakes were the ability to cope with the challenge of dealing with a loved one's battle against cancer. The inner strength shown by Lesley, in her will to overcome this dreaded demon, was inspiring. It made me realise if you live by your true desire you can beat the odds.
The second inner quake was the ultimate realisation that if you find the true level of your aptitude and place your values in making this work for you then you will achieve the altitude you are aiming for.
The answer to this riddle of thought is simply that I made a decision to be a classroom teacher and although I was confident I could achieve at this level, I did have self doubt before the year began. I was fortunate to have a flexible learning environment and creative people around me but I now know where my true niche for the future lies for me. Many thanks to those who helped make this happen.

The year ahead brings on new exciting challenges.
I am again fortunate where I have been given the opportunity to teach in a vibrant learning environment. Luke and the Summerland team have some very special skills and an approach that I am sure will enhance my own quality as a learning coach.
I used to smirk at the phrase ' lifelong learner' as a glib expresson for those who were indoctrinating the holy curriculum. But in reality I now see the real value it does have when you open your inner heart, soul and mind to what you really want to be.
I guess for so long I set my sails on the direction of where one should sensibly head. I am glad that I am now taking the journey where I feared to tread beforehand because of  commitments, money, career, ego etc etc etc.
To feel you are really making a difference to others around you and to yourself is certainly the most valuable reward one can gain.
I am not one for new year resolutions but my attitude and aptitude at the moment are certainly at the right pitch for me to sing at the highest altitude.
Top goals for 2012:
  • Be the youngest & fittest 60 year old on the block
  • Bring back the music to my life
  • Be the best learning coach possible
  • Beat a couple of old crony mates at golf
  • Be a great friend, mentor and lover for those that matter (and in the context that is appropriate )
  • Skydive - the next best to knowing how Superman feels
  • Keep seeing the wonders of the world through my new found vision... (bit deep that one)
  • Be someone worth being around....(that is being true  to thine-self Fletchy)

So, looking forward to 2012 and the adventures ahead. I have a feeling I will  be living my dream!

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