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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fletchspeak will live on?!

Yesterday another fabulous moment happened in my very privileged life - my first grandson arrived.
Kiaora Luca James Fletcher.

So it seems the Fletch lineage lives on - and this one is a redhead in the making - so look out future world!
It is certainly a special experience being a Grandparent - not too much active responsibility but the knowing you can have some impact on the future by passing on some traits and wisdom is a treasure.
Well done Claire who endured a tough 12 hr labour - as I discussed with Jamie ( the proud Dad) it is times like these we sure do appreciate being a male - the woman's amazing role in childbirth is certainly to be admired.
I am to meet my new Grandson this afternoon. I hope he will be excited as I am ...hmm? Never the less I am sure we will have a great friendship in the years to come - we have lots to learn from each other. That's the exciting aspect - you learn to see through new windows via your grandchildren - they keep you in touch with what is really important about life - making the most of the magical experience at that moment in time. My two beautiful Grandaughters - Georgie( 3 1/2) and Tilly ( 2) certainly help to keep my feet on the ground and to see the clarity of how simple and exciting life can be. If I am smart enough maybe I can transfer this recipe into my interactions with the many adults in my life - now there's a wow factor!


Suzie Vesper said...

Congratulations! Great to see that your clan is helping to populate the country. My parents have been clamouring for grandchildren for awhile now. I'm sure you'll enjoy your role :)

joe damato said...

I am told that you are a fellow principal that has taken up blogging. I am new to this as well, and I look forward to sharing with you and the others.

room2 said...

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson, Dave. And great to see you taking up the blogging challenge. Tina

Sue said...

I keep forgetting to say "Congratulations!" Hope Lucas develops lots of energy to keep up with his Grandfather!