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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time for a break

Whew.. the body and mind are starting to wind down and the soul refreshing. It is great to have this time to take stock and reflect on the year past. It has certainly been a challenging year but one full of satisfying achievement. This year for me has certainly reiterated that hard work flowers the juicy fruit. I must admit at times I was wondering what the hell was I doing driving 2 hrs a day to & from school and when I got there it was full throttle for 10hrs solid. The time I had at Kaipara Flats certainly sharpened my edge as a teacher & principal. I am really looking forward to starting at Mangawhai Beach in 5 weeks time. There will be new challenges I am sure but the perspective I now have is a far wiser & richer one, especially in terms of the curriculum, self belief and people interaction.
I guess Mangawhai Beach may be my last Principalship so I am resolute to make sure it will be my best.
Talking of making the best - I have my grandson living at home at the moment. He is six weeks old and a wee cracker. It is a real joy to have him around and to see the love he draws from us all.
I will insert a video of his antics.
Life is wonderful and I intend to enjoy it. Have magic New Year everyone - I am determined to !

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Suzie Vesper said...

Gorgeous! I'm sure the last will be the best at your new school. Cute video :-)