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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well it took a good friend to remind me I haven't been into my blog for a while. Shameful Fletch. I used to advise Principals when I was a facilitator that you need to make time to reflect. I should live by my own preaching.
Reflection is a very important part of what I need to do to be an effective leader (and person). Too often I tend to make decisions on the hoof and later regret I did not put enough thought into the meat of the sandwich.
So a pull up of the socks old fella!
I must admit tho (not an excuse) life has been relentless again. The settling into a new environment sure has its challenges, especially with the people aspect. Often decision making / goal setting is inhibited by the fact you are not sure of how people will react and in order to provide the right platform for considered reaction you need to give it time. For someone like me that is tough going. I am an action person - but also realise if others don't buy in then the power of the action is watered down.
Another realisation I have been reminded of lately is that no matter how hard you try or believe in something, it will not always go the way you wish. So letting it go & moving on is the best strategy. I dislike this aspect. Being a slightly competitive chappie I like to win - but I guess walking around the gate at times means you can get to the pasture another way ?
Oh well enough for now - better get on with some action now I have reflected.

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