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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whew - I needed this holiday break. It's been a full on time during the last twelve weeks but bloody rewarding.
Having the opportunity to adjust the sails in peoples lives is a deep soul rewarding privilege.
I used to take much pleasure in learning new stuff myself ( and still do to an extent) but to impart & share with others ( kids & adults alike) is definitely a special treat in one's existence.
But its bloody hard yacker - no thrills about that. Why do we do it some may ask? Its not about ego or stepping up to the next rung for me anymore ( I doubt if it has ever really been that - except for the lure of the $$ when my kids were young)
Its about the realisation that we only get one shot at making a difference - and it ain't no dress rehearsal. I feel reasonably satisfied I have had a good crack at helping others to be more successful in their lives and have no regrets about the 57 years in my existence to date. I am certainly looking forward to the next 30 or so ( if I can still walk, talk & think for myself)

Looking forward to playing some golf, fishing, reading and having an extra wine & not worrying about the after -affect next morning.
On reflection ( without making a list Luke) - life is very sweet & who gives a toss about the recession - it just means the TAB have lost a contributor for while!

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