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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who would want to be a 'Tall Poppy ' in NZ ?
When someone of ability, guile or success makes a mis- take in this country the knife is very quick to appear in one's back. Take the Tony Veitch case. Now I am not condoning what he got himself into but I am appalled at the ferocity of the general public in bringing this guy to his knees. It's no wonder we are lacking in talented people who are prepared to step forward and be themselves. They are expected to take on the mantle of role model for all & sundry and if they stuff up - then its a national pastime to dwell in their misfortune. Even as a low order profile person, in my role as a school Principal, I feel this pressure at times. It is bloody ridiculous ! We should be able to eat, drink, play and be our true selves without recrimination - and if we break the rules (or the law) then let the supposed appointed arms of justice deal with it, as is appropriate. Trial by public opinion needs to be wiped out of NZ society.
The sooner the better and then maybe we as a country can move on and be more successful in the global arena. Let the real leaders and artists come forth!

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