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Saturday, May 2, 2009

What the hell am I doing in my office on a sunny Sunday afternoon ? You got it - reflecting. I have just done the school newsletter, caught up on a bundle of e-mails & responded as need be and have read a couple of blogs. Luke has made some good posts lately - food for thought and as usual wonderfully opinionated. Don't we just love this guy!
Any way at lease he is staunch enough to post his view out there in the big wide world without worrying about what others may think or say. More of our NZ school leaders should do this then maybe we will see constructive change from the powers that be!
This brings me back to my present situation - a sad sack sitting at his desk on the official day of rest. Hey- but I am resting. The week to come will be full on - people, people and more people, mostly with problems for me to solve. Fun fun!
I guess if I didn't have this calm time to myself I would probably be less able to cope with the week ahead. I often grin when I hear the leadership gurus say take time to reflect and dialogue with like thinkers to enhance your leadership capability. Yea right - Most of my colleagues are still in church or out golfing. So that one is a dud. Do it during the week ? Yea right - So when do I have time to meet the needs of those people that matter to the sailing of this good ship. All set and done this is my core priority.
Na - I 'll stick to my Sunday - rain, hail or shine and then I can spring out of the block on Monday morning.
I am not moaning - the relentless aspect of the job comes with the acceptance of it. It's just at times many others who impinge on our valuable time have no idea when & how we think. Now I am referring to the MOE paper bin and those associated compliance nitwits who require our time so they can have a job.
I always have time to listen to a colleague or teacher with a genuine need.
But maybe I should remind them that I am bypassing the possibility of attending church & the probability of being on the golf course for them. Na - leave it Fletch who really cares?
I love the job, being with the spontaneity of kids and creative flair of some teachers and knowing that maybe I am making a little difference. Well worth a Sunday spot in the office.
On lighter note ... anyone keen to have a wager against me that the Crusaders will make the final??

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Podgorani said...

crusaders, old post but you were on the money.
found a good blog from a principal in denedin. worth a read on nat standards. find the blog on the right.
keep up the gs work fletch, oh and missing church - yeah right.