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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have had an awesome few weeks- the reason being I have been in touch with the kids on the sports field, side by side at the computer and in movie making, and in discussion with groups about what is important in enjoying and being successful in life.( The 'habits of mind' rock!)
I guess this is the bonus of being in the vintage years that sometimes I overlook.I can contribute in a very meaningful way and the kids actually take it on board... I hope this continues as it is indeed the buzz in my career at the moment.
Another interesting facet in my thoughts at the moment is seeing the knee jerk - oh look out for the big bad wolf reaction -our teaching fraternity are having regarding the possible intro of national std testing. Let's get over ourselves - what is the problem. I have grown up in a very competitive world on the sports field and in my career - I have no problem with this - we need it to continue being a successful nation. As a parent I would love to know where my kid is really at - no bloody fudging.( as schools tend to do)
Let it roll and we will find the best way to cope with it - as we do as kiwis - moaning and whinging only creates suspicion from our parents and the media.
There are more important things to focus on as true educators - how can we ensure the new curriculum will work for us and how can we make our teachers better prepared for the rapid change in society that is currently eventuating ?
I am constantly in future mode with my thinking ... when I read the blogs ( Luke -not you mate) & attend meetings of many of my peer educators I wonder where they are at - the present is ok but the future is the real gift!
Ok - I will now bugger off and go and see the movie 'Angels & Demons' with my lovely wife. What else could a hard arse old bugger wish for?????


Manaiakalani said...

Well good on you - and such a shame you seem to be a lone voice amongst principals speaking out about this. Funny we are not hearing this moaning from the low decile schools either (- and if we are honest there is no prize for guessing who will be looking worst if results do get published) coz in schooling improvement we've been doing our testing in the same week and moderating across the cluster for a number of years.
Anything rushed through is bound to have some flaws, but there are better ways to spend money than endless committee meetings for the next few years.
I reckon the primary schools should have learned from NCEA and concentrate on agitating for some extra release time to go with this. From our cluster experience we know that the moderating of results takes time and some more CRT to allow this would be great.
How was the movie? And the sports day too....

Fletchspeak said...

All great - thanks for your comment- much appreciated. It is interesting that the Nat Testing concept has been postponed.Guess I am not surprised after attending the seminars. The pushers & movers of this debacle have not got their nuts & bolts screwed in.
Thnk god we can concentrate on making the new curriculum something that will be sustainable & purposeful for the future.
The release time concept is a good one.. will reflect on this. Keep smiling.