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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Flight of the Geese

I am currently at an I-school workshop in Wellington. Hell it is cold. I guess I have acclimatized to the far North. It was a great session today. A relatively young, very astute DP inspired me with the creative use of Web 2.0 tools and I can definitely see the benefit for our kids- although it rocks my Waka a bit. But I am determined to keep up with the play cos if I can't then how can I justify staying in the learning/teaching game.
However I am buzzed up to share what I have learnt with the kids & teachers at MBS next term.
I see my buddy Luke is also on a 'life long learner trip'. Didn't the Beatles do this 40 odd years ago ??? They used helpful substance tho - we just tap on Apples!
Anyway better get my glad-rags on and take the better half out for a meal. Turkish and a good bottle of Red - right on.
Must keep this blog up to date more often!
Oh by the way at the moment the team at MBS are shaping up well and it is all due to an oldie but goody concept and a damn beaut video from Mr Kevin Roberts and co..

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