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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ok - it's about time I put mind to blog. Things are full on at the moment- staff appointments, property development, funding issues, family & community commitments and of course the bean counters ( our staunch MOE I need to make a job for myself) all demanding quality attention.
What I feel good about is - no great pressure from students, staff or parents. Now without counting my chickens before the shell cracks - all is good.
It is interesting. In the first time in my career as a Principal I have felt my approach in getting relationships on board first is setting the platform for success.In the past I have relied upon my own skills as a teacher/ educator and my personality ( whatever that may mean to others)
This time I have really got to the back of the bus - watched and listened how others have pulled on the steering wheel and it has been very revealing. Not easy but helpful in my approach for the near future.
It is interesting that when you look in the mirror and see yourself as others may see you how it makes you step back. Maybe it's a pull back on ego or a reality check on what worked yesterday won't work today - who knows? But to try another approach and change yourself is no easy task. I believe we sometimes we don't change ourselves with the pace of life change - especially in today's world -because comfort zone is easy!!!? What a loser attitude.
Please let me not get old and say that in my day it was better - I know what it wasn't.
I am very motivated at the moment as I am involved with a great group of people who are prepared to take on change and make the most of it. Life is buzzy - I hope the euphoria continues because in the end there a a whole lot of wonderful kids who will benefit!

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LesleyTait said...

here we are having fun at Ulearn!! in the blogging workshop guess who are sitting next to each other?
2 principal's that know you well one very very well!!!