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Monday, May 17, 2010

Back on line

It has been some time since I have added to my own blog. I have been perusing the many blogs of colleagues & educators who are out there and find when I come back to my own I have expended my thinking.
However it is worthwhile contributing to fellow learners blogs as it can reinvent your own perspective by adding a thought or two.
I have been through a challenging time during the past year and I guess due to this I have kept much of my thought & feelings internally or just shared in the good old fashion way - face to face.
I guess a major realization that has smacked me in the face during the past trying times has been how fickle people & their organisations can be when it affects them directly.
One point in case here would be the Ministry of Education. I was under the naive impression ( and those that know me may not comprehend I could be naive??) - tongue in cheek guys- Yes I was under the impression the MOE were on this planet to serve the good of education and the many schools and Principals in this country. This is not the feeling I get.
They have lost their way in a political quagmire and the least of their worries is what is best for kids and teachers. It is a great shame because not that many years ago there was a healthy relationship between schools & the MOE. Now it's a blood out of the stone situation and as a leader of dedicated learners I wonder why bother with them.
The other body I am struggling to cope with at the moment is Principal groups. Some are evolving into self minded, egotistical blowhard buddy groups that feed off each other for recognition and self satisfaction. A little bit like the MOE I guess. Again what a shame - you don't hear much about what is good for the kids at these meetings anymore. The dialogue is overshadowed by how will MY school (not our wider community) be affected - because what happens will reflect on me. Oh let's get overselves!
Ok stop there Dave - you have vented enough. Not all is bad.
There are some really amazing people out there in schools making a fabulous difference to teaching & learning - and ultimately what happens for kids. This is where my mind is now and I feel great about it.
Thanks to Luke, Sarah & Derek for your blogs that keep me level minded about what really matters as an educator.
On a lighter note I am having fun in my own sandpit at the moment - check us out- and following my knee reconstruction feel 5 years younger. So watch this space - I am buzzing!

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