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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Forgive an old fellas reflection ?

It is interesting the expectations others have of you.
As a son, father, Principal or even as one in the vintage years.
I have spent most of my life striving to please the expectations of others. My own parents had high expectations despite the disability I had as a youngster. Upon honest reflection it probably did me no harm other than overshadow my own thoughts & apsirations of what I really wanted as a growing individual.In their ill founded intention they probably strengthened my resolve in taking on the challenges of life.
I was fortunate to be successful in my rugby playing days but because I had the skills & determination I ended up quite often being the captain of the team. This brought on new responsibility - you just couldn't play the game you really wanted to because you had to consider others - you had to be a role model. This can affect your approach to the game & to life.
As a young Principal (at 35 years old) this was also a challenge. I am not one of those who lives by the book or to the rules of others. I believe in my own intuitive principles of life ( founded on those of a good Christian upbringing). Yes some are debatable and some not so. But I believe being yourself is the most valuable asset you can have - as long as you do not harm anyone else.
As a son & father this again can be a challenge. I have a belief that love is not conditional and that your close ones should except you for who you are. If they try to change you then that it is time to move on and make your own way.
When you are heading towards the last years of your value in society I would like to think that you can do as you please and say what you like because you have been through the mire of life. Of course without causing undue harm to others.
I certainly listen & value my elders when they kick off on a tangent. Unfortunately we are losing this right of freedom in our society. Those that have the power, influence or the money think they know it all- pity because we will all will lose out in the end.
On a positive note I spent some time talking with a few of our Year 8 's ( 12 year olds) at MBS today. Wow - no problems there. They showed respect and understanding - they were willing to learn.
So old fella - maybe the world is changing with the next generation. If I have anything to do with it - it will!

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