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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have had several experiences during the past week where people I have been involved with - young and vintage - have made errors in their life.
It is interesting how we view the mistakes made by others especially when it affects us personally.
An attitude we try to install at MBS is that these should be viewed as mis-takes. If you stuff up then be proactive in making amends and rectifying it. But most importantly learn by the experience and try not to repeat it.
Yes, sometimes it takes us several "takes' to get it right but at least we are accepting ownership of the problem and showing an awareness that if we don't learn by it then there may be a consequence.
So often, especially with adults, we do not hear that little word "sorry" and the recognition that I will take ownership of my actions. The blame factor sets in and it must be the fault of somebody else.
That could may well be.Outside or past influences can affect your judgement or response but in the end it is you who has to deal with that and take responsibility for how you react.
When kids learn this at an early age they tend to address life in a much more positive way and develop better as future citizens.
What is important is that we give others the chance to address the issue and make good of it.
In the adult world unfortunately we are very quick to seek & destroy rather than have empathy or compassion. No wonder our young adults and high profile performers of today end up taking alternative solutions to solving the problems of their world. They were not taught to take responsibility initially, find their own solution and see if they could make good.
Hopefully the next generation coming through will deal with such things more thoughtfully and with greater resolve.
From a personal viewpoint the experiences I have had have reminded me that it is the 'man in the mirror' who is really responsible for what happens in his journey through life.

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