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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Disco moment

Sometimes it takes a simple moment of realization to plant your feet back on the ground.
Last Friday evening I ( with my wonderful team of Waveriders- our Yr8 student leaders) put on a disco for the students throughout the whole school. It was a buzz. Yes it was hard work setting it all up and the night was full on but the rewards were huge.
I am not talking about financial reward ( but this certainly helps) I am referring to the interactions I had with the students and their parents. The building of these informal bonds during an occasion like this certainly has a powerful influence in the perception others have of you.
It is far more reaching than the newsletters, assemblies or parent information evenings.
To sit and chat with the students or their parents, who dropped in to see how it was all going, gave me the opportunity to discuss a number of varied issues and thoughts. The neat thing about it is was that the environment was a totally positive one. The feel good was already established so the communication came from a positive platform.
Many parents thanked me for my hard work and thoughtfulness for the kids.This was motivating as you don't get this direct feedback very often as a Principal.
Most importantly the opportunity to cement a relationship of trust & respect with the students was on offer. I took this to the max and I know it will reap reward in the future.

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