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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being in 'The Zone'

I have been reflecting of late about my own ability to help and inspire others. One thing I have felt about my self being is that I am certainly in a better place physically and psychologically than I was, a few months ago.
To be of support to anyone else you need to be in a healthy place yourself. This is being in 'the zone'. Sportspeople and high achievers often refer to this term when they know they are performing at their best. But it doesn't take much to slip just out side this positive aura.
During the months before I had my knee reconstruction I was in considerable pain and as a result felt exhausted, demotivated and intolerant of trivia. I also felt it difficult to focus my mind on the important aspects of my career and personal life. I guess I was of little value to others at this time because I was so consumed with my own challenges.
Lately this has improved. I feel a greater peace and resilience within, and am finding the will to face the harder aspects of life with greater awareness and zest.
To be able to keep in this zone for most of the time I guess is one of the secrets to effective leadership [and being a good husband & father].
My goal for the next few months is to ensure I uplift my personal health and well being so I can more readily support others as well, in their life challenges. This will be a test of my self belief, as during the past year or so I have dug myself into some unruly habits and developed some cyncial perspectives. I need to kick out of these. 
I guess I need to get on the right bus now and look around for some positive, optimistic people to journey with. Herein lies the success of my venture into the future. Don't wish me luck as I am ready to make my own but if you have a helpful hint please feel free to push it my way.

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