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Monday, August 2, 2010

Trust in change?

I am at home at the moment feeling pretty grotty with a good dose of flu. I have had enough lying down so thought I might try and stir up the brain cells to see if that makes me feel any better.
When you have lots of time to think about the issues that surround you one seems to have more clarity. I guess when you are running on the hoof the other things spring up and cloud the depth of your thoughts.
An issue I am grappling with at the moment is dealing with change and how others react to this. Lately there has been a lot of change, not only in my personal life, but especially in my professional undertakings.
It is very interesting, and sometimes perplexing, to see how people react to change.
From the advent of the National Standards to the changing of expectations of people in contributing to the good will of the school community certain people react in strange ways.
I see some who immediately throw up their hands in horror and seek devious ways to destroy those who are responsible for making the change.
Others huddle in groups of common fear and mutter to each other hoping a ground swell will rise up and wash it all away.
Thankfully those who are reflective and have the best interests of kids learning in-hand, take time to juggle the pros & cons and then come back with possible solutions.
Its all about trust I guess.
When people see their way of life or doing things fade away then it is understandable to think they would put up a fight and that the person who is instrumental in this change is the bad guy.But unfortunately I am seeing in society that the depth in reasoning doesn't go beyond that.It's an 'about me' agenda.
We are going through an era of intense change - if we are not reflective,adaptable or willing to offer positive ideas for the good of all then we are making the fight that much more disagreeable. As it is said 'we can beg to disagree but no need to be disagreeable'
It is great to see in the next generation that will soon be the adults of today they are prepared to look at change and make it work for them. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
In the meantime I guess if one wants to keep the ball rolling for the future good of most then one has to expect the odd bounce smacking you in the head!
I guess if you believe you are turning the wheel on the bus in the right direction for the good of most the journey will work out at the last stop. They may be nervous about the trip but if they trust the driver then it will be worthwhile.
Now do I feel any better for writing this?
Ok I guess - as long as I don't end up like the Eskimo fishing?
Of course I do - now what else can I go and think about....

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