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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friends in need are true friends

I must admit I have been rather skeptical about blogging as a communication tool.I have often wondered if anybody actually reads the stuff you ramble on about.I myself do read others blogs as I find this expands my thinking and offers valuable reflection about certain issues but who would take time to read the mumbo jumbo I go on about at times?
Well I have realised that the cyberworld out there is not as cold as it may seem.
I let my true feelings leak out in my last post(a bit red of me) and low & behold several friends of the past have e-mailed/ skyped me to check up on my state of being. Wow - the power of online thinking has shown its value. These wonderful people have not only installed my faith in what matters when it comes to being an educator but also in my own belief that genuine believers in our quest for making a positive difference for kids is so important.A special thanks to those who did make contact for polishing my faith and being there when it really mattered. I feel much stronger for the encouraging words you relayed to me.
I guess this experience has presented me with another valuable realisation. We hear & read so much how our kids are into the online environment (Face book) etc and we elders(so called digital immigrants) have at times questioned the value of this. Well if they can obtain the immediate moral support and thoughtfulness I got then it has to be plus. Who needs to experience total loneliness or despair if you have others on hand at a fingertip. Maybe we are underestimating the value of this environment for future generations?
Anyway my faith in blogging has been boosted and I as a result also my faith in why I need to make sure we are strong in our resolve to bat for the kids. What we may lose today may well be a gain for them tomorrow! Thanks for the tonic my friends....

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Podgorani said...

It's a tough job, teachers have so many hats to wear and the hardest toll can come at home. I reckon we just gotta keep smelling the roses, or in my case taking time to swing a club. Maybe a round of golf fletch.