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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Joy of Teaching

I have been very fortunate of late to witness some outstanding teaching in action. This time of the year we tend to focus on the appraisal of our teachers and to look in depth at the outcomes for our students.
Our teachers are amazing in how they can be so creative, innovative and caring in their approach to the learning needs of our kids.
When the end in mind is about the kids then the result is a wonderful learning environment. I take my cap off to these teachers for their dedication and down right hard work in providing the platform for the kids of today to learn so well.
Teachers are in competition with TV, video games and the out and about activity that is so prevalent out there. Its a consumer world and so often it is targeted at the new generation.We may wonder why kids would want to do Maths and Reading? But they do!
These teachers have stepped up to the plate and have provided very engaging learning activities so the students are able to learn at their personal optimum. It's wow factor!
As an observer of the intensity teachers are subjected to in the five hours of full on student interaction in the school day you can only have admiration for their commitment. No wonder they need a break every 10 weeks. It would be easier being a taxi driver in the heart of the New York CBD?
The point I am making is that although we strive for the best possible scenario in our schools, and for our own kids, it is totally reliant on those teachers that are prepared to commit their heart and soul to the profession. Thank heavens we have these wonderful people in front of our children.
We will be coming up to some tough political times in the near future - lest we forget that our future is in the hands of our kids and the teachers that shape their learning attitude and aptitude. If that is done well then the altitude is no problem.

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