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Monday, November 29, 2010

Back on track

It's about time I got back up and noted some thoughts about life in general.
The last few weeks have been torrid for me, to say the least.
But all is on the bright side.
They say you have to go through the bad times to make the most of the good. Well I am excited about the time ahead and intend making my own luck in getting the good out of it.
I am getting back into something I really cherish - working with kids and making a positive difference for them.
I have made a definite pledge to change my lifestyle and I am confident this in itself will have a more positive affect on family and friends.
In all I am going to be the old true to myself Fletch again - fun, vitality and honesty.
Thanks to those who have stood by me during this challenging year - your aroha will not be forgotten.
I guess this movie clip hits the nail on the head where I am at in my next steps in life.

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