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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On a new wave

So here it begins - a new phase in my life. I have made a deliberate decision to go back to my core values in life & aspirations. I am so excited about having the opportunity to be a real teacher again( Thnx JP u r the man!)
We met as a team today - what an awesome bunch of educators. Now I guess I have to show the glow and prove I can teach the kids of today.
I have learnt so much during the past few years - many thanks to the KFS team and my close colleagues at MBS.(esp Tash)
I am determined to " Be the difference" @ GHS and hopefully motivate those I am responsible for to go on and do the same.
It is so refreshing to be back with motivated educators who care about what is best for the kids.
I had hoped in my time as a Principal to make a mark, in this respect. Unfortunately politics, professional egos and self interested adults got in the way.
Now I can concentrate on where you can really have a positive influence.
I leave you with this:

This is where I believe I can really "Be the difference.

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