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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tribute to to the Cantabs

I have this very poignant poem to share with you.
It was composed by my talented daughter Kelly who lives in Cheviot but was born & bred in Christchurch.
Thank you Kelly for so elogantly voicing the thoughts we all have.

Christchurch – 22.02.11

The great plains that surround you have swallowed you in grief

There is no running from this pain, no temporary relief.

The scorn of mother nature, just like Garys’ poem said

Has left you lost and broken, left your love and kinsmen dead.

The Christian steeple fallen, the men no longer pray,

The one eyed red and blacks are lost, yet your courage makes you stay.

The history in bricks and mortar tumbled to the ground,

Your loved ones lie beneath them, as you beseech but any sound.

And here I sit and watch you, my home, the town I know,

How can I be near you, what should I do and how.

My helplessness consumes me I want to hold your hand

Cradle baby Jayden and rejoice with wine for Anne.

How can I console you the people of my youth,

I wish that I could house you all and hide you from the truth.

Put back the bricks and mortar, save you, set you free

Let the book I read in standard three lie back in History

But I am not immortal, I cannot turn back time

There is no magic running through, these weathered hands of mine

But let me tell you what I know, re-tell you what I see

I see the best and worst of it, compassion, and humanity

I see the people fighting for love for what is theirs

Kinsman bond together battling more than fears

Nations come to help you, to lend a helping hand

The world is at your doorstep, and with you they shall stand

So though it is of little light through the tunnel that you walk

And I have only words for you, of the pain I cannot talk

Please know that we are here for you, we’ll be there in the wake

The red and black within your hearts was never hers to take.

By K.J Ensor,Cheviot,NZ

Worth a think about ?

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