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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ok.. so it has been a pretty traumatic week. Having he challenge of working through the questions of life when someone so close may not be with you in the future certainly rocks your boat.
I have made a few major mis-takes & consequent decsions during the past few months but somehow fate has shown these were the best ones for the future.
I am so glad I was here for my close ones when the rubber hit the road.
I am very fortunate to have a great whanau of friends and acquaintences who certainly showed their worth when it mattered.
I will never forget you wonderful people ever.
The past few days have also nailed me to my conviction in life in what really matters.
To have a wonderful partner in future dreams and a family of character, real love and support is what really means success in life. I have the jackpot in this respect.
So back to my decision to be a 'real' teacher once again - well I have certainly discovered my true worth again. Yes, some will say - oh where is this guy at ? [esp one Westie who calls it as he sees it!]
But in reality it has been a born again experience. I love being with kids on a full on day basis and enjoying their bubbly enthusiasm to learn and grow. In turn this is has been the fountain of youth for me. I have regained true purpose and satisfaction in what I want to achieve.
So hence the "smitzhy" video below ( I dedicate this to all the hard nuts who are not believers in the power of learnig through kids}

Kia Kaha & keep smiling for our fledglings in learning!

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