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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The half way mark!

No matter if it is a game or a set deadline in time. The half way mark always brings out the true resilience of the players concerned. Some tend to fold into... oh wo is me emotion ! Others say - the score is only 0-0 so lets pick up from here. When you throw all your energy into the first half it can be exhausting, especially if you need to prove your street cred.
But the secret is to take a breath, reflect and push for positive ( yep you educators out there let's wear that Yellow Hat)
Your personal energy and positive attitude of mind is so important when the chips are down.
If you believe in your ability to win- win and not be sidelined by the negatives ( oh we have so many black hat people in this world!)  Why is this???
 Be positive and to a point even if overly optimistic- then you will come out with personal success and gratification.
When I have not lived by this rule of thumb - I have blown it!
On the other hand when I have pushed to be positive, believed in myself and done the hard yards... guess what?  The jackpot spins!
You may say that is a gambler's attitude.
Life is a gamble so the way we play the cards is how we win the game.

Back to the half way line.

We feel exhausted - maybe losing the point of what or where we are at. Step over the line and go for the goalpost. Guess what you will probably get to your goal and the celebration will be that more satisfying. Just ask any AB (All Black) - they live by this mark in the sand.
No pressure guys - bring it on!
If you don't believe me watch the next game of rugby and see how the guys hug these days,
Being an old codger I am still coming to grips with is but can see the value!

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