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Thursday, March 10, 2011

How good can it get?

Had a great day with the kids in my class today. They were focussed in their learning and enthusiastic in their engagement and responses. Truthfully, I would say not every day is like this and I challenge myself - why this is the case?
Some days I have been brilliantly planned (so I thought) -in my mind, and  at times, in written format, but the day that eventuated was crap. Other days I have thrown aside the planning and gone with with the gut feeling- and it has been magic. But that is more pure luck than good judgement.
In deep reflection I think it is about the 'karma'.
If you feel connected on the day then all around you is connected. Good planning  and resource helps this to happen to a certain extent but it is not guaranteed. This is true in aspects of coaching and learning leadership I guess?
Then, there is the " magic moment" factor.

When something arises that you can hook into and make a learning gem that will stay with those involved for a very long time, perhaps forever.
I have had ex students, team members and teachers I have been involved with point out to me -
" Fletch I remember when we did this.'.... and this has been several decades later. A powerful upper for any learning coach.
I ramble ..but the point I am trying to grasp is that learning cannot always been structured, planned or evolved from a plan or or objective. It certainly cannot be truely gauged from assessment or achievement outcome.
Real life learning comes from believing in yourself,  positive relationship experience and how we can adjust our thinking to meet the challenges ahead.
This cannot be fully coached or taught - it comes from taking the risks, sharing ideas and making sure the magic moments are well imbedded in our souls.
If you think I am on the wrong tangent - work this one out......

Yes we will make mis-takes - but therein lies the learning experience.
I am fortunate to have the opportunity  to attend  the best Uni available - the 'University of Life'. You never stop learning.
Thing is you have to stay focussed on what the best lessons are!

Being involved in others learning and caring for their well being is a real blessing for the heart and mind.
How good can it get?!

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