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Friday, April 29, 2011

Learning signposts

I have had a wonderfully refeshing break over Easter.
It was not only a fabulous opportunity to catch up with family (esp the Grand-kidlets) but also to take time for reflection and goal setting.
I am really looking forward to getting back with the kids in Room 25 on Monday. This term will be one of plenty of variety and challenge. One special aspect I am particularly looking forward to is the cementing of the Habits of Mind learning philosphy I am striving to imbed in our learning culture. I have found this to be an extremely powerful platform in my teaching approach. It not only provides common purpose in our learning but also a language we can all relate to and share in our learning.
The students have been very receptive to this learning approach and I have seen their effective learning habits strengthen. The Habits of Mind reflect the NZ curriculum key competencies with clarity and I have found I can infuse them comfortably into all learning areas.
I will be experimenting further with the use of the Habits of Mind during this term with the objective of developing comprehensive guidelines for effective classroom practice so perhaps others may share in the gems I am discovering.
Check out the Habits of Mind page on our class website. 
I would also like to share this special mini movie I made while on holiday with the G-kidlets. Hey! This is the real joy of living in this particular era!!

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