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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Magic Moments of the School Camp

Outdoor Education school camps are an awesome experience. I can't even count on my fingers & toes those I have been involved in but each one brings with it special memories. I have recently returned from a Year 6 camp with GHS and it was a real buzz. It is so rewarding being with the kids in an outdoor environment where we are challenged to take risks and trust one another. As an adult you learn about yourself and I am sure as a child the experiences add to their learning growth.
It is interesting though that in this modern day environment, as a teacher, you take on so much responsibility. Kids today are very spontaneous and there are not the boundaries for most, in the open spaces, they are used to. You never know when they may make a choice that is inappropriate. If they do then you have to take the the flak.
I hope though that the powers that be and the ridiculous PC that is creeping into society doesn't suffocate this wonderful opportunity for our kids.
I feel already we are watering down the the real life challenges we should be giving our 'Kiwi kids' that in the past have made us a special nation. But that is another issue!

Sitting down with a child on the jetty, fishing, or walking side by side on a bush track adds another dimension to the relationship you have. It is indeed very special. We need to do this more often as I feel kids and adults today do not make the time for this anymore.
I applaud those many teachers and parents who are prepared to give their personal time and energy to make School Camps so special.

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