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Friday, March 25, 2011

Actions speak louder than words

It has been an interesting and gratifying week.
I have experienced a number of enlightening moments where it has resounded my belief that actions do speak louder than the verbal option.
It never ceases to amaze me how many of those in our society can influence the larger group by simply uttering the verbatim and then trusting the actions will happen. More often than not there is confusion,  lack of direction and ultimately very little real achievement.
I see that those whose light the fuse, throw the dynamite stick and then walk over to see the impact are the ones that truly make the difference.
This is so true in all we do in our every day lives.
Yes we can talk up our intentions and we can even pay the dues to be involved - but the real gem of success is taking the pain to get the gain! (My recent gym sessions are proving this to be true)
I have been so guilty of procrastination over the decades- and upon reflection shudder at the BS I convinced myself of and that this was the best intention.
If I look back deeply into when I really achieved then I would say that discipline, commitment, honesty with myself and belief in possibility of what could be- were the key ingredients- to making it happen.
This is the same with kids as well.
Just think.... if every kid at ten years old had these traits and carried them on until they were fifty... WOW !
Yep they would be the real winners in life.
Ok - so I am getting a bit deep but I felt I needed to put my fingers to keyboard so I could kick myself in the butt and remind myself of the values I have deep in my soul and draw upon them.
Maybe by reminding myself of these learning values I will be a better person for others.
Thats what really matters in life- please believe me !
Just take a lesson from another beached whale. Ha ha!


jfletchspeak said...

Some interesting thoughts to ponder Mr Fletcher. I'm sure all good parents do try to instill those beliefs in their kids. However their is much more to life than hard work and discipline. Life is about integrity, service, empowerment and the greatest gift of all is to love and to be loved.

I have over the past 3 months realised the throws of long hours hard work. Which has been very satisfying hoarse I am craving other things.

The key is in balance. Learn to do first things first. Organize a life of importance and balance it all.

Lots of love ole fella

Fletchspeak said...

Yes you are so right in what you say son. You are gaining thoughtful wisdom.
Luv ya too boyo - remember the spider!